Tourism of Jeju

Greetings! Welcome to the Jeju Tourism


Jeju is a global tourism city favored by UNESCO.

To the world’s admiration, Jeju has preserved its nature, culture, geology, haenyeo, stone fence as well as its history, tradition, and arts that have roomed at Hallasan Mountain.

Our mission lies in Jeju tourism with a virtuous cycle, in which the whole life and identity of Jeju people combine with the attraction and value of the local tourism to add more value.

Jeju’s clean environment, its idea of coexistence, and Jeju’s value in being itself are front and center in that vision.

Jeju Tourism Organization will work to bring back the light for Jeju tourism and let it illuminate the happiness of all residents and tourists on the island.

We promise. As the light of tourism and culture engendered by the five-thousand-year livelihood of Tamna and Jeju people gains in value and attraction over time, we will brand Jeju as ‘the island of healing and peace’ that leads Asian tourism.

Thank you.