General Information

South Korea entry stamp South Korea exit stamp South Korea maintains a visa waiver agreement list and a designated visa-free entry list with countries not included on those lists requiring a visa to enter the country.[1][2] In addition, foreigners wishing to engage in certain activities such as diplomatic work, gainful employment, study or residence must apply for the appropriate visa prior to engaging in that activity in country.

Visa-free entry

Holders of passports issued by the following 117 jurisdictions do not require a visa to enter South Korea


Special policy

If traveling by air to Jeju Island via Seoul


and Yangyang, citizens of  China who are traveling as part of a tourist group with an authorized travel agent may stay in mainland South Korea for up to 5 days. They may remain in Jeju for 15 days

Non-ordinary passports

Holders of diplomatic or service category passports of the following countries may enter without a visa


Transit Tourism Program

Travelers who are in transit through Incheon International Airport can participate in an organized transit tour group within Seoul. The service is free but an entry-procedure fee of KRW 10,000 or USD 10 applies. The tour can be registered in advance or joined after the traveler’s arrival, and the shortest tour lasts for an hour while the longest will not exceed 5 hours.

Nationals of the following countries, as well as stateless persons and refugees, are not eligible for this service